Our Story

MOUSAI, pronounced "moo-sigh," is named after the Greek Muses, goddesses of the arts and music. These figures symbolize inspiration and creativity, embodying the spirit behind our designs.



Founded in New York in 2022, MOUSAI is a sustainable slow fashion brand inspired by vintage art and romance. As an unconventional modern-day designer, our founder Dannie draws deep inspiration from a family legacy rooted in the silver jewelry business during World War II in Asia. Enriched by heirlooms passed down through generations, she breathes life into our collection of vintage-inspired statement jewelry, chic hair accessories, and elegant watches, all designed for the modern wardrobe.

Each piece is a labor of love, carefully handcrafted from sustainably sourced and reclaimed vintage materials. Due to this, once an item sells, it is gone forever—creating a beautiful reality where every piece you own is uniquely yours.

At MOUSAI, we see our accessories as more than just embellishments. They are declarations of beauty and strength, designed to inspire women to confidently reveal their authentic selves. Our commitment is to offer not only style but a story, inviting each wearer to join in the legacy of beauty that transcends generations.